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We have three formal teaching ministries at Grace Baptist West Asheville.  We make it a priority at GBWA to teach all the counsel of God’s Word.

Currently, our formal teaching times are on Wednesdays at 6:00pm for “Healthy Church” Bible Study, Sunday Morning at 9:30am for “Equipping Classes”, and our Corporate Worship gathering at 10:45am on Sunday Mornings.

“Healthy Church” Bible Study- Wednesday 6:00pm

In “Healthy Church” Bible Study our church is currently studying material compiled by 9Marks on what makes a healthy church.  These marks of a healthy church are derived from the Scriptures. Members and visitors are invited to bring any question to the leadership at this time concerning the Christian life. We love these times in our church because it is an opportune time to gather in a smaller setting and talk together about what’s really been on our minds.  These times are guided by open discussion but are led by Pastor Burleson who teaches the Scriptures as we walk through the marks of a healthy church.

“Equipping Classes”- Sunday at 9:30am

“Equipping Classes” are the classes we offer on Sunday morning that center around a subject of Christian study. The classes are designed to equip the believer for “every good work” as it says in 2 Tim 3:16-17.  Classes are on a rotation lasting several weeks.  Classes you may see would be Systematic Theology, Old Testament or New Testament Survey, Baptist History, or Gender and Sexuality. These classes are dialectical but are primarily guided through lecture and notes.

Corporate Worship- Sunday at 10:45

The corporate worship gathering on Sunday morning is centered around the proclamation of God’s Word in and through the sermon.  The order of service emphasizes revelation and encourages response by prioritizing the sermon in our gatherings.  At GBWA we preach through entire books of the Bible verse-by-verse.  Our preaching is expository and Gospel-centered.  We know that God’s Word never returns void and is efficient for God’s purposes so long as we are are faithful in our proclamation of it.