steveRev. Steve Ackerman, Interim Paster




Mr. Rick Ramsey, Minister of Music and Church Administrator

Minister of Music and Youth since 1990, Rick was appointed Minister of Music and Church Administrator in 1997. He holds degrees from McNeese State University and has done post-graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Phil Hall, Student Minister

Phil Hall is from a town in upstate New York called Binghamton. He has landed in Asheville through a whimsical series of events and met his wife Mallory in a magical place called Waffle House. He is a graduate of Montreat College and a current graduate student at Huntington University working on his Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry Leadership.

Phil has worked as a youth worker, ministry director, residential counselor in a therapeutic home, as well as many odd jobs ranging from waiting tables to construction. He has many hobbies and loves taking on new adventures, if he can find time to do them. If you have any questions he likes striking up conversations about everything and he will ask as many questions as you will if not more, so be ready.