We here at Grace Baptist are committed to lifting up one another through faith and fellowship.

With that goal in mind we have begun a new ministry called Life Groups.

The concept is nothing revolutionary, but that is ok. Sometimes simple is best.

Life Groups are small groups of 2-4 people who commit to meet together 1-4 times a month.

Each group will determine its own size, meeting frequency, and meeting place.

All we ask is that when you do meet you make the most of the time by doing these four simple things:

1) Ask each member to share their most recent struggle.

2) Ask each member to share their most recent victory.

3) Read a brief passage of scripture together and discuss.

4) Pray for one another.

Simple isn’t it? But, I believe that it can change you life and more importantly your walk with God.

Won’t you consider joining a Life Group at Grace Baptist today?