Deep Impact June 16th – 18th

Posted on 23. May, 2016 by in Church News

IMPORTANT AND TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION FOR GRACE YOUTH AND PARENTS OF YOUTH: The Church has reserved slots for a full compliment of Youth to attend a mini-week of Deep Impact at the Shelby Mission Camp. At this point the slots we have reserved are non-refundable. Really want to encourage youth to sign up for the trip. Will be getting information from Phil and Rick about monetary responsibilities and will pass that information on as soon as I get it, but we really want to publicize this and encourage people to sign up now. Both the Shelby and Red Springs Mission camps are strategically placed in some of the most poverty stricken areas of our state, and the opportunities for our young people to serve, minister, and show the love and mercy of Christ are myriad. There is also the added benefit that any tools which we may need for service projects can be checked out of the Shelby Camp Warehouse which is consistently well stocked by the NC Baptist Men. This is an important consideration since someone decided to relieve us of our Church trailer and it is highly unlikely we will receive an insurance settlement before the date of the trip. Speaking of dates for the trip, we are looking at June 16, 17, and 18. That is a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The camp will actually be having a worship service on the morning of Sunday, the 19th, but our group will probably need to come back to Asheville on Saturday evening because we will probably have to use the bus in order to carry luggage, again because someone stole our trailer, and the bus will need to be back in Asheville before Sunday morning for the bus run. Also want to ask for some adults, of both the male and female persuasion, who will be willing to go along for a fulfilling and challenging half week as chaperones and leading work parties. In fact, the trip would be impossible without such adult participation. Would REALLY be nice if at least one adult volunteer knows which end of a nail gun shoots the nail. Given enough time, I can paint, or stain, a whole town, but you really do not want to see anything I have had a hand in building, much less teaching anyone else how to do it. If we do get a ramp project or something, I will be more than happy to tote your lumber. Meeting with parents, medical forms, and waivers to be announced, but need the notifications of intent to participate to start coming in ASAP.

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